grown up dinner party

November 7, 2006

Posted to previous blog on May 12, 2006

grown up dinner party

as a farewell to one of my mentors and work colleagues, a celebration was held tonight. it was my first real “grown up dinner party” (as opposed to the ‘fake’ ones where we kids pretend to be grown ups in our parents’ houses).

i can’t speak for the rest of the guests, but as the youngest one in attendance and the one with the least time with her, i believe this woman is extraordinary. actually, i think i could feel the appreciation for her at this gathering… for her leadership, vision, bravery, guidance, skills, friendship, and more.

i now have another thing to add to my list: whenever i do, what it is i do, i hope to someday have such a small, intimate gathering of appreciation. well… that, or my other list item: to be a coveted professor. and yes, it is typically an either/or situation. (e.g. it’s akin to the difference between being an amazing physician OR a brilliant population health practioner… in the former, if you “cure” a few people, they may come back individually to thank you… whereas in the latter, if you “prevent” further stigmatization of say, schizophrenia, most people don’t even acknowledge that you’ve done anything, but a university may).

anyhow, to say the least, i’m glad this was my first… and i’ll make a conscious point of remembering it (ugh! memory is soooo bad!)

quick update (though it changes daily):

– ordered a new birth certificate online… its being sent express – it’s amazingly easy to do;

– portugal has now been changed to croatia… which means i will look more seriously into going to greece or germany (rather than england);

– harv won the battle… actually, neither of us would budge… so i chose the international thing (based on a. principle (e.g. equity in education), b. career choice (i need some international work under my belt, c. i won the award and it goes on my CV anyhow, d. i liked saying “no” to big harv);

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