moving day

November 7, 2006

i decided to try out wordpress after a trip to Europe where, a Google search for virtually anything locale or work-related resulted in a blog.  some of these were wordpress, and other major blog sites were an equally representated – but never, ever did i see an msn space.  right there, i’ve alluded to 3 of my readership reasons: to increase readership 1) in general, 2) with similar interests, and 3) go international! that said, i registered mid-august and it’s now November 6, 2006 and this is my first posting.  my other reasons for switching have been only marginally more instrumental in making the move, but i think, are much more important.  with my name tattooed to my old blog, it was impossible for me to vent comfortably – furthermore, i knew at least half of my audience.  this second set could be categorized as relationship reasons: relationship-wise, i need a blog alias for 4) current and future employers, and 5) some of my “friends” but the clincher – and the main reason why today, of all days, is moving day – is the ridiculus amount of work (i admit, i piled onto my own plate) that i should be doing… right now. i’ve moved my favorite past postings, but i’m looking forward to unleashing this anonymous me…muah ha ha – enjoy the read 🙂

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