she not bashing

November 7, 2006

Posted to previous blog on April 08, 2006

she not bashing

this one’s for She:

since i last posted, i thought myself: “oh dear, this ‘being white’ blog entry is going to piss off some people when they read it”. and in fact, many of you (i’m pleased) did read it – or so the statistics indicate.

however, my intent was never to annoy any of you or have you feel bad about your skin colour or have you think that i dislike white people. rather, i was hoping to do 3 things: a) tell y’all about this new book i’m reading, b) have y’all (whatever your skin colour) think about racism and how our ‘multicultural’ society … just isn’t, c) let y’all know that sometimes i don’t talk about the stuff that i’m interested in b/c i’ve become anxious through my experiences with you (so instead, we talk about make-up, shopping, and my cats – eyeball roll).

She, you are one of the only people i would discuss some of this stuff with – without worrying that i would be threatening our friendship.

The book is not about bashing white people, it’s about the subtle ways that we (ppl of all colours in Canada, if you ask me) all think racism is over and done with. So far, it’s about how individualized experiences of the young white people in the book have experienced the invisible backpack of being white without recognizing the automatic privileges enclosed. I expect that it’s also about unpacking what it means to be ‘white’ for young ppl in the States (eg. before ppl would proudly claim they were ‘white’, now ppl cling to their ethnic background, such as greek, italian, etc, b/c now, to proudly claim ‘white’ status in the US means to be affliated with some kind of white supremacy group).

I’ll tell you more as I go along. But know this She, I SO SO SO value you as a friend… that I can both shoot the shit with AND talk about stuff that matters to both of us. Yes, I’d gladly participate in a discussion about religion with you (although, I can’t say I know much).

sidenote: that i hate being called white-washed, has nothing to do with not liking white people… it goes beyond that… i’ll speak to that another time.

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