wish list

November 7, 2006

posted on previous blog december 2005

wish list
it’s about 1:08pm and the ethics protocol is due tomorrow morning at 5:30am.
flying out at 7am and stopping in Montreal. I love montreal… but not the airport!
hmmm… wouldn’t it be nice if I had ‘a D.’ who read my blog and fulfilled all my material and cleaning desires!? haha – just kidding… it’s ok D. – she was a bitch.
however, since we’re on the topic, maybe i’ll list a couple of things…
1) the female vacuum
details: on day 1 of a female’s period, the device ought to be able to suck out everything!
alternatively: an exercise that causes a whooshing-effect, such that everything is flushed out in minutes
2) sleep-in-a-pill
details: seems straight forward, but just for good measure – I also want the cozy feeling of waking up at 2pm included.
3) brain-to-paper do-hickey
details: i don’t want to talk anymore… the advanced version of this device should also be able to organize my thoughts into models, conceptual frameworks, papers, proposals, and presentation notes.
4) life pauser
details: remember how zach (from saved by the bell) used to ‘freeze time’ so he could talk to himself, screw around with things, etc.? Yeh! that’s what I want!

that’s it for now

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