grad apps…together now: YIPPY *sigh*

November 18, 2006

today, for the 4th time, i logged into the “new and improved” online application program that is supposed to let me apply to as many US schools of public health as i want, in one shot. 

however… if certain schools (read: none, except one) aren’t involved in this initiative, then the 17 page application doesn’t seem so worth it.  especially when 17 pages does not include the space required to enter every last item of your ‘experiences’ rather than a CV and letters of intent/programs of study/etc. aren’t included in the page count either. 

the good thing (for me at least) is that this isn’t an all-you-can-eat buffet, you pay for what you apply for – in my case, just one please!  and thank goodness it’s just one (for now) – dude!  who makes their deadline early december?!?!  answer: the ivey mofos – to separate the complaining, feeling-sorrow-for-herself, student-in-finals from the … huff! what’s the point?  getting back to those “research experiences” again, for the 5th time.

2 Responses to “grad apps…together now: YIPPY *sigh*”

  1. ayla Says:

    ahaaaaaaaa !!!!! where do I begin the frustrations of the asian applicant !!! I have just receive a rejection letter and I sm dissapointed that I cannot even begin to aply again. Soethime I think that would just quit and give up on everything rollu and stay in a room for seven days. Of course the more practical things need to be taken care of like buying groceries and living. All of which cannot be done if I remain the human ball.

    I was late in aplying to the last place and had to spend half my salary on the courier changes just so that the application would get there on time. Both the potential superviors contacted were impressed with the proposals and encouraged me to apply for the scholarships.

    ahhhhhaa I am so dissapointed in the outcome and wonder where i go from here. I really did think that I would not have to work during my Phd and now this would mean that I wold have to. My masters was crazy as I was supporting my faimily attending classes and travelling 2 hours every night in packed transportation system just to get home. My house is a wreck which needs pianting and my garden is overgrwon with vegetation. I thoughtt this time around I would have the luxuary of studing full time and not working. Does not seem so !!!!

  2. iforgotagain! Says:

    you have every right to feel disappointed. i wish that potential supervisors were a bit more careful with their intendedly benevolent words. we DO tend to grasp them tightly as they raise our hopes (i’ve experienced this on more than one occasion, unfortunately).
    on the other hand, and this may be a stretch, but i think the (ill-) management of expectations is double-sided. as grad students, we (think we) know our work is important, and we’ve seen the flexibility of deadlines for those whose work has been recognized as such. but only being part-way there, it is still very important for us to play the bureaucratic game to a tee.
    all that said, ayla, try not to be too discouraged and recruit your family to help with the garden. i know that it may be easier said than done, but hopefully it helps! not many people i know have the luxury of studying full-time without working as well.
    p.s. how does your post relate to being an asian applicant?

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