must work on this title thing

November 23, 2006

sometimes – i think – i come up with some catchy titles that tie into my post in an almost introductory fashion.  most of the time, i don’t.  hmm, i could be wrong, but the paralysis around the title may be indicative of my thoughts and posting tendencies.  in other words, “good” titles suggest i’ve got a theme or at least some structure to my thoughts.  today, that’s a no go.

random thoughts:

  • it appears that i should be going for a discipline-based doctoral program and not a health-based program as i’ve been thinking for the past 2 years
  • transdisciplinary research is actually the “hard sciences” people’s way of working:
    •  a) on things they really cared about before entering their professional school program, 
    • b) with the “soft science” people’s knowledge and resources, without giving up their own power roles and salaries,
    • c) without admitting that they’ve been narrow-minded, discriminatively objective, and maybe – just maybe – they’ve contributed to the problem that they now want to help fix
  • it must be difficult working in a coffee shop in an urban centre…  with the homeless people smoking crack in your bathroom and all.  i’m serious!  especially if the po-po aren’t helping and with a donut in one hand, THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

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