Decisions Decisions…

April 21, 2007

I managed to give myself the most severe stomach aches in the past few days, but I finally have the following conclusions to tell you a bit about…

In chronological order:

a)      May 5th: MJ’s stagette

b)      May 19th: MJ’s wedding, thus no road-trip to Chicago but memorable times anyhow!

c)       May 25th: my last day at work

d)      May 31st: going to London to see Pinger (I think we should try to plan one of those weekend excursions you’ve been writing about… I can see London while you’re at work and the evenings)

e)      June 16th: backpacking Europe with Calvin (any destination suggestions are welcome!)

f)        July 23rd: coming home to T-dot (any short-term work gigs will be greatly appreciated!)

g)      July 29th: J9’s wedding (can I wear the same thing to both weddings, or is that a major faux pas?)

h)      Early August: flying home to NS to see the rental units and jilly & baby

i)        Late August: moving to Chicago for more school 

In other news: 

I won an OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship, worth $15,000), but can’t cash it in unless I get into a doctoral program in Ontario… which I didn’t… if anyone knows someone, anyone who will take a very diligent sociology student interested in race & health under their wing, please let me know – 5% cut 😉

Calvin has decided to profit off my leave from Ontario by subletting my room… but I will still be back (pending time & funds) in early October to give lectures at Humber College and then again for the winter holidays.

I already can’t wait to see everyone at the upcoming events!

Write soon!

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