on a happier note…

April 29, 2007

The past few days have been amongst my most enjoyable in a long time. nothing spectacular, but satisfying all the same. Good times with friends at the game cheering for opposing teams, but not before a super sleuth mission; critiquing photos at a gallery and re-establishing a common page of reference; bantering on the phone while in the tub, to the point of wrinkly toes and cold water; another new job that promises to be a humbling learning experience; and family time.

So this is what they meant about not being a workaholic.
And I admit, I’m not fully recovered – nor do I think it’s quite the right time for that yet. Some may call my work ethic extremist; I prefer to think of it as means to delayed gratification.

Of course, there’s a balance (of which, neglect is something i’ve indulged for years). And now on Saturday night, it’s yet again down to the wire. I’m currently writing the final report for this contract and cutting 400 words out of that paper (which is, by now, 3 months late). Nonetheless, I’ve been happy and wanted to write (ahem, procrastinate just a wee bit more)… would have earlier but didn’t want to jinx it. Plus, I was having fun instead.

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