toronto – london

June 1, 2007

left for london yesterday morning on a 9am flight (thankfully i called daniel to remind him; because he thought it was 9PM).  despite not sleeping at all; of course it was 5 minutes beyond the already-delayed pick-up-time that i actually got in the shower and 2 minutes after that, when i finally stuffed my bag.  crap!  more full than i thought it would be… and that’s why they tell you to pack early.  still, it was light in weight and i will rationalize size with the following excuses: a) extra packaging on new items (e.g. flashlight, alarm clock, batteries, ipod charger & armband, etc.), and b) calvin will use some of the stuff as well.

thought i’d crash for the entire flight – i’d already fallen asleep in the waiting area after 2 last extra large timmy’s before my flight!  but instead, chatted up the dude beside me (which is so not typical of me).  turns out he’s from england, has a business in london, lived in toronto, and is now doing his mba at mac, and living in a condo in burlington (condos in burlington?!?!)| he seemed nice and carried on a good convo until i fell asleep on his boney shoulder.  meh.  don’t know if he was just saying it out of formality, but he gave me his contact info in london and suggested we go for a run.

pinger picked me up from the airport with a great big cheerful smile and hug… lol, my face prolly looked awfully confused b/c just prior to seeing her, my mind was racing and eyes darting for any outlet to have a dart. 

at pinger’s, very conveniently located by vauxhall metro station, we chatted and made plans for next-next weekend.  we basically looked for cheap flights and came up with MILAN!  i’m going again with calvin, but i really don’t think i’ll get bored; plus it’s different with different ppl.  i wish in Canada one could look up a cheap flight and not end up in Ottawa – no offense.  i also booked my hostel for the barcelona leg of my trip next week.  by then, i was beat and we both crashed in her dorm-size, yet comfy, room.   

this morning we got up early and while pinger went to work, i walked and walked and walked the city.  i consciously tried not to go into any stores… but BAM!, the first store i go in, “Shanghai Tang” … ummm… i’ve already blown my budget!!!   NOT disclosing how much i spent there.  i only really wanted to buy two other items, but couldn’t decide for whom and could not rationalize keeping them for myself, though i really like them (and the brief history i heard about their design partners.  i may reconsider and purchase online.

k – shopping aside.  i saw a whole whack of historical stuff that, until i look it up, i can’t be sure of names.  some, obviously, include buckingham palace, guards’ museum, lots of parks, etc.  the best “touristy” thing i saw though was a gilted lady posing on a bench with 2 bronzed figures of sitting old men.  i’m coming back here at least once, before which i’ll figure out what else is a “must-see”.

tonight, pinger and i will be out and about.  tomorrow, more of the same and then, i’m off to paris early evening!

i know i shouldn’t be on the net too much – and i don’t think i’ll have this convenience when i’m not with pinger or matty.  but guess what!?  i just got another job offer!  i LOVE the OFFERS (i.e. come to me papa!).  plus, i’m still trying to figure out living arrangements in chicago… ah yes, the excuses 🙂

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