June 18th (enroute to Paris, FR, transfer point):

June 21, 2007

mmm… gelato
June 18th (enroute to Paris, FR, transfer point):
My flight from Milan was short & sweet. It occurs to me, that flight/train attendants are really, now, just well-paid, highly trained snack/duty-free sales people. During the short flight, they sold snack twice, duty free once, and even sold raffle tickets for “significant savings on future trips”.
Best part: low flying altitude = best view i’ve ever seen.
I arrive at Malpensa airpost and pay only 5 Euro to get into the city. The hotel Pinger booked is close to the central station, but i rush because i’m worried i’ve kept the group waiting.
Pinger, Monzy, and Mouse are already to see the sights when I arrive, only 15 minutes after them. I am too, despite not having slept much the night before (neither had they). I wouldn’t say I had heightened expectations of Milan, but maybe I did. The walk from the station to the hotel was disappointing and I was ready to see some of the so-called glitz.
Thankfully, Mouse had a plan. She had only flown in for the day (again, I love the cheap Euro-flights). Her agenda covered all the major attractions, gelato, and a late lunch. As it turns out, the major attractions are also the minor attractions, so the short day trip that Mouse took was probably just long enough.
Not to be deterred however, we did have some *great* italian meals. Except after Mouse left, Monzy got pork in her vegetarian meals twice and the service was terrible. The city looks worn out and the people (who I thought looked like locals) appeared trashily bling, but not in a chav way… or perhaps it’s the italian version of a chav (i.e. nouveau (or not even) riche?
Shopping. Well, if you can afford 2000 Euros for a bag, sure. But even in that short strip of glamour, there was little i couldn’t find in Toronto, New York, or source on the internet. The high-street was virtually the same as every other, in every country, city, town…
There were mosquitos and I’m still scratching!
Milan will be memorable nonetheless; there’s something nice and shi-shi about saying, “oh yes, me and the girls wacayed in Milan.” To be sure, it was just the girls that were enjoyable. Love the fact I’ve seen Pinger so much lately (in 3 countries!). Of course, testing my patience with Monzy and our wordy discussions are always lessons i miss. And I now have a new pal, Mouse, who has the cutest voice and most appropriate nick.
Other best moments: When I saw Pinger and she picked me up and swung me around in the hotel foyer and breaking my havianas, then walking barefoot for double portions of gelato after 1/2 bottle of vino.

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