June 18th (enroute to Rotterdam, NL)

June 25, 2007

June 18th (enroute to Rotterdam, NL):

Today, I’ve been to Milan, Paris, Brussels, and now I’m on the train to my stop for the night – Rotterdam, NL.

Monzy and I left the hotel around 6:15am. She went to the UK by plane and I headed off on the train for the following day of travel… My train to Paris (Gare du Lyon) was delayed at one of the stations… not sure what happened, but cops came and took a family off. i was worried b/c i’had only 35 minutes to navigate 2 subway lines to the other station, also in Paris (Gare du Nord). I made it though!… special thanks to Matty’s quick thinking on my last visit, to recommend that I buy a book of 10 tickets.

I arrived in Brussels at 4:15pm. Again, saw the few major sites (missed the peeing boy statue though), grabbed the requisite waffle (that WAS indeed delish!) and belgium cappucino (which tasted ordinary, but cost 0.10€ more?!). Done and done in 3 hours! Rushed, perhaps, but i think it was just enough time and i’m sure i would have regretted staying even one night. Furthermore, the hostels were full – I read today there’s a big EU conference in the city – but more importantly, by going to Rotterdam this evening, I’ve made really good use of my Eurail “full day of travel”.

I´ll stay in Rotterdam 1 night and 1 day, at least, before meeting up with Calvin and Andrew in Amsterdam. I arrived and found it was bright enough, so i made my own way to the hostel. it’s not far from the station and i found a map at the info center, which was actually closed. but desperate times call for desperate measures, so i hopped the rope ‘baracade’ and took one of the brochures that said 1€ on it! i felt slightly guilty, but what was i to do?! it was late and no one was around to…

my roomies in my 6 bunk mixed dorm include only 1 Finnish girl and 2 Irish girls. They’re quite quiet. The rest of the huge hostel seems to be occupied by loud, obnoxious, south-east asians. not to stereotype at all, but i wonder if this is a treat for them to mix up the sexes on vacay. As I brushed my teeth this evening, those guys were in and out. meanwhile, i heard so much mucus-letting sounds emanating from the girls that i felt as though i was the one who’d been sheltered.  Perhaps I’m more traditional than I thought… but snorting, horking, phleming, etc. (in the presence of boys or not), ewwww!

I wasn’ tired when I arrived and thought to go for a run, but after talking to my roomies, it was already 11pm.  Even though it was still light out… not a good idea in a new place.  Went for a walk instead, to get some dindin.  So far, even in the dim light, i know i like it here and will stay longer than one night.

Bed at 1am (now), but I will run the city tmrw morning, so early is good.

There’s no free internet here and only one PC.  So, unless it pours i’ll wait till Amsterdam to post.

Note to self: need to get apt in Chicago

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