June 19th: Rotterdam

June 30, 2007

June 19th:
I ran pretty much the perimeter of Rotterdam this morning, at brekkie, and set out for the day…

1st: Went to ‘Use-it’ – they offer really cheap rates at hotels, including the Westin Rotterdam, but only for same-day walk-ins.  Found out it’s only worth it for 2+ ppl though.  So, by 11:30am (checkout time), I booked my bed at the hostel for one more night.

2nd: Shopped for socks and sandals (not to be worn together though).  Ummm… you’ve heard of disposable underwear right?  My stinky socks are not disposable… they just won’t come really as clean as I’d like.  So, I bought 7 pair for 6euro at C&A, which i’m pretty sure is Europe’s Old Navy.  I shopped for Haviana’s despite the mark-up from home.  Didn’t matter since I feel like I got every last bit of use from the pair that fell apart in Milan.  Plus I don’t feel as though i’m ‘adding’ more weight to backpack…just replacing.

3rd: Found a bank machine and happened upon loads of shops with neat stuff unavailable in T.O., which is a first thus far in my travels.  Consider buying some items, but everything is too breakable.

4th: 2 cappuccinos and the famous Dubock apple pie… sooooooo tasty.  Crust is dense and more cakey than flakey, loads of apples, and the topping is crumbly goodness.

5th: Visit the Cube House Show House.  It’s awesome and the first thing I actually take a few photos of – aside from people – because i am interested and not out of obligation {when you see the collection of pics i did take, you’ll understand what i mean}.

6th: Meandered across one bridge to return crossing the Eramus bridge.

7th:  Glass of red.

8th: Dinner with hostel roomies at… somewhere good.  They serve ranch dressing with the bread?

Finnish girl has been replaced by another Finnish girl who is there for some sort of exam for… circus school.  when i suggested to her that she call it a school of fine arts when speaking to North Americans, she agreed, but then told me her specialization would be juggling.  four years worth!  Irish girls, who have been travelling for 2 weeks and go home in a few days, desperately miss potatoes.  They share tater stories… but I don’t hear any special recipes that i haven’t heard back home.

9th:  Gelato – portions are larger than in Milan.

Tomorrow, I’ll run, check-outof the hostel, stow my luggage at Use-it, go to the Boijmans museum for free on Wednesday, use the internet at the library, and make my way to Amsterdam to meet the brother and friend.

Reflections on Rotterdam:  This and Barcelona are my favorite places.  It’s everything Toronto tries to be [cyclists have their own lanes and the right of way, even before pedestrians!] and copies [ummm.. i thought the ocad bldg was supposed to be an original] . 

ě˙˛˘`¨5^’0°ˇš§… it’s time consuming for me to edit on these keyboards – sorry

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