June 23rd: Somewhere btwn Amsterdam – Hannover

July 9, 2007

2pm – June 23rd: On train, somewhere btwn Amsterdam and Hannover
The little cars driving around the roadworks in my mind are speeding uncontrollably today. determined somehow, and yet, w/o much direction & confused, they are banging into one another. There are collisions inVolving multiple thoughts & those which, try as I may, keep going off- track.

Collision example:
Conversations: A) Ppl/Place – B) Topic/Words
1A) Prof/Spain – 1B) Social Entrepreneurship
2B) Pre-MBA/Canada- 2B) UK – project
3A) Monzy/Italy – 3B) complicity theory
4A) Me/somewhere in the future – 4B) Abet

1.concept…part of larger theory
2.example of concept from #1
3.unrelated, yet related, theory… to #1 & #2
4.critical factor

underlying thoughts:
“says who?”
Frick i need to do some work.

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