The Expectant “Break Up”

January 7, 2008

After class tomorrow, I’m expecting some light will be shed upon what I can only assume is a fade-out.  A fade-out, according to Roissy in DC is THE way to break-up.  See his article here: How I Break Up With Girls « Roissy in DC.

The thing is, (and UGH – this is probably all part of the agony of the fade-out), I’m not sure about my particular sitch.  Ok, surely this IS a fade-out of some sort.

Here’s what happened:

girl crushes hard on boy, but doesn’t show it

girl blurts out, “i have a crush on you”

boy responds, “you’re goofy” (girl’s face goes red)

girl resigns to being just friends

boy tells girl, “i have the crush too” (girl is speechless)

boy continues, “but i have to deal with some things with my ex” (at the time, they’d been broken up 2 months)

boy and girl hang out, strictly studying, at the library every day and night for three weeks

boy text messages girl when he gets home every night

after finals, boy and girl kiss

girl goes home for the holidays and barely hears from boy

girl decides not to be heard by boy either

is boy stupid enough to do a fade-out (for whatever reason) when they have class together tomorrow, they sit directly across from each other?

should girl say anything?

are boy and girl both being stubborn?


3 Responses to “The Expectant “Break Up””

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  3. just.ness Says:

    my stats have been up due to this post and for the record, i have no affiliation to roissy in dc.

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