i’m a player, i just don’t crush a lot*

January 9, 2008

it was bound to happen.  crush #3 left me in the dust.  

of course it sucks. i had that dreamy, awkward, gooshy feeling. just like grade 10 – 10 years ago, when i had my first 2 crushes. those didn’t work out so well either.

it seems, when i’m really into a dude, it doesn’t work out.

surprise surprise.

my guess is that i come off too strongly, no chase. and while i know how to play the ‘playing hard to get’ game, i’m just gonna be up-front.

yeh, it sucks, but “it don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine**”.  and no hard feelings, i’m just not his sunshine.

(i really hope this works in reverse for me too*)

call it karma, whateves.


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