just some thoughts to park

March 10, 2008

– i haven’t done my irb yet, or finished my proposal, or confirmed a thesis advisor/reader yet

– i’m nervous about my ability to do fieldwork – in cantonese – and objectively (i’m wondering if it really needs to be objective.. or can i “position myself”?)

– i have to figure out the health insurance stuff… i wonder if it covers contacts? my eye’s been really bothering me lately.

– must figure out this visa, opt, international student crap. i think i’ll go tomorrow. oh yeh… taxes too. gahh.

– buy a ticket home and home. must figure out when finals are done and class re-start.

– why isn’t cashmere mafia on lately?

– should i go to taiwan? do i really want to?.. no – yeh! free space.

– i am going to learn to how to stop well on my bike. later – when it’s more spring-like.

– i think i’ll go swimming tomorrow

– really should return those hunter boots. will do that wednesday.

that feels a bit better now that i’ve put it down.

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