dating is like buying a car, not that i’ve bought a car before.

March 11, 2008

i suppose i wasn’t feeling the *wow* when i wrote about my latest beau, as i considered here whether to end something that had barely begun. perhaps it was the day, but more likely my own laziness getting the better of me at the thought of public transitting my butt out and about, in the cold, and being ‘social’. no, laziness is not the word i mean to use, but i can’t think of it now. but at the time i think i was rationalizing not going on the date due to a lack of want (for him).

but i did go and it was great! no. not great. rather, satisfyingly comfortable. and that’s what i want right now. i’m not down with this whole butterflies, acid in my stomach, can’t eat stuff. and thus, i’m not tossing this one – this guy who i feel calm around – for some elusive ‘upgrade’. by no means am i settling, i’m trying at an appropriate level, and i think i’ve just learned to see past the buzz and i like what i’ve got.

it’s kinda like buying a new car in the snow. you want one, but don’t really want to make the effort – physically, wheelers and dealers, the costs, etc. plus, you’ve been walking for so long that it doesn’t bother you most of the time – it’s made you healthier. so, perhaps you’re waiting for that too good to be true deal of an auto. of course, being so perfect, you’re queezy and doubtful. but when a less than giveaway car comes along you’re a little less enthused. still, if you don’t go for a test drive and make the effort how will you ever know? you may just get the car you actually want for just the right price.

i think i’m just interested in renting now, or maybe something like those car-share deals… not quite ready to ‘commit’ to purchase, but i’m not shopping around anymore.

did that even make sense?

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