bad blog

March 18, 2008

look to right —–> over there —->

my bet is that it says my top posts are: 1) interracial dating tips about asian women, 2) overheard at the university of chicago, and 3) about. 

what do all of these have in common? nothing really. except that i’m stubbornly not sticking to “the subject” and my few readers are curious about dating asian women, the university of chicago, and wtf is writing this smack?!

i crave comments, but refuse to take blogging “tips” to be purposefully “punchy” and present some onesided comment invoking post.

somebody please comment before i write something i regret. you know, along the lines of “about dating asian women at the university of chicago”… just to feel a bit like i’m writing a better than bad blog.

i’d appreciate some off-kilter tips for topics or generally anything non-spam 🙂


5 Responses to “bad blog”

  1. So which country were you from?
    And how did you decide to go there yourself or you were offered scholarship?

    LOL sorry, I’m am quite interested in going overseas to study. ^^

  2. Ok…sorry, you can actually ignore those stupid questions.

  3. just.ness Says:

    @ Spittingfire
    – those aren’t stupid questions, unless you just asked them because i was pleading for comments!?
    – in response though, i applied to study in the USA as well as Canadian opportunities and selected from the best acceptance offers.

  4. Oh no, those questions are not given because you asked for a comment. I m just curious…thats all.. ^^

  5. The Weddington Adventures Says:

    Great stuff! Check us out & see what happens next! The Weddington Adventures

    Keep in touch.

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