dull dating

April 24, 2008

i wouldn’t call it damning, but dating is dull. it’s so processual if (and if not) pointless.

sure sure, one does get to meet new people, do ‘fun things’ together, etc. but who cares when 9 times out of 10, i’d rather be home with a book, at the gym, or out with my friends? then there’s the period before y’all figure out that you are both on different pages (s/he wants to be serious, but s/he doesn’t).

up until recently, i thought i’d just date with an “open mind”, so as not to close the door to something serious. but now, i just think it’s a waste of my time, and the potential others’.

sounds cynical, i suppose. but it comes from a warm place, i swear. i’d rather his emotions not gush (it makes me feel guilty). presumptious? yes.

and when the fearful time comes, when i no longer have “it”, let me weep in my own misery. i’ve decided not to date now just to appease those worries.


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