been a bit…

May 11, 2008

that it has. my internet port thingy on my laptop is broken and i’ve only been able to sporadically steal wireless connections.

nothing particularly consolidated to say, but jot notes will allow me to park thoughts till the time comes (or doesn’t).

– governmentality and guilt. is govermentality expressed/visible (partly) via emotions?

– dumb beauties. why is every pretty boy, also pretty inept?

– been hit on by women lately.

– decided i’m moving home. “home” for now, is not home. i’m thrilled! possibilities for the next home away from home include: paris, hk, china,…

– mr.myagi is making my chinese better, but makes me slightly uncomfortable at times with adult comments about sex stuff. but i think it may just be me – never having spoken to an old, chinese, dad-like man about stuff like that.

– my new jacket rocks, but sooooo not worth the extravagent price tag. huff.

– must swim soon, pull out the bike, and get up my running endurance.

– mcTired.

3 Responses to “been a bit…”

  1. Jade Says:

    hey are you planning on doing Tris?
    I’ve been losing motivation for working out lately.
    All I feel like doing is sitting at home, watching tv, and eating frosticles.
    I think I miss other sports… like rec soccer.
    Even kung fu is getting a bit boring now 😦

  2. just.ness Says:

    Tris. Well, that might require being able to stop on my overly-enthusiastic bike purchase, that, at the moment acts as a clothes hanger on a stationary indoor thingy!
    No motivation recently either, though I’m hoping it’ll come soon. I’ve been doing tai chi, but really, what kinda workout is that?! Plus I think my sifu is a bit pervy :S
    Thanks for the comment! Me so joyous!

  3. demeaning Says:

    demeaning says : I absolutely agree with this !

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