care about your subject? don’t.

June 25, 2008

i was glassy-eyed after a meeting with one of my professors today. i’d arranged to speak with him briefly about the possibility of writing an exploration paper, to be incorporated into my thesis, for his class. to this, he agreed. so far so good.

but, he cautioned:
“i advise you to pick a topic, a population, a question, that you don’t care about”.

that was say february?

fack why didn’t i listen?

the very fact that i get teary and overly sentimental about talking about my potential research subjects should have been enough. red flags! the water-works are literally flowing.

well. chalk it up to experience and, sure enough, it is turning out to be a great learning experience.

now. if it were only for not of a deadline.

guess it’s a good lesson to learn now… lest i become an 11 year doctoral student in the future.

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