running ( ) restaurant

January 18, 2010


a. running for restaurant

b. running a restaurant

c. running in restaurant

d. running at restaurant.

  • c & d. running in/at restaurant are potentially dangerous.

e. running with restaurant.

  • could be promising, healthwise?

f. running the restaurant

g. running by restaurant.

  • hopefully not.

h. running his/her/their/our/my restaurant.

  • actually, no.

please excuse the exercise above. i needed a visual. was thinking about what i could blog about, and well, there’s lots. but at this moment, i was thinking about “the restaurant”.

the restaurant has been “the restaurant” (f) for just over 30 years. In my family, that’s what we call it, “the restaurant”.

right now, (hold on to your pants), “the restaurant” is about to change hands. It’s going to be a liminal ride. And that’s why I’ve been thinking about blogging about:

running (     ) restaurant, where options a & b are somewhat true until option f is re-determined.

3 Responses to “running ( ) restaurant”

  1. hoodsandmore Says:

    I don’t understand

    • just.ness Says:

      after a hectic holiday season, i’ll be running – away from – restaurants.
      yep, 2 restaurants!
      for sanity reasons, i think i’ll try a silent partner role 🙂

  2. hoodsandmore Says:

    I had a restaurant back in 93 in a mall in Phoenix. It was just a greasy spoon. Burgers, fries, shakes onion rings…..ect. But that’s another story, gets my blood going just thinking of it.

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