developing my voice, anonymously

June 8, 2011

i’ve had this blog for some time now – what, maybe 6 years? – and have not published many posts. to be sure, i’ve been writing – jots, random thoughts, and a lot of unfinished drafts. but then i would hem and haw, fiddle, delete, insert, delete, fudge fudge fudge with structure, point, flow… too many voices.

it’s time i learned to structure my arguments, more quickly and concisely.

i’m going to write more often. i won’t set myself up for failure with a schedule of posts yet, and “more often” won’t be difficult to achieve given my track record.

i’m doing this because… rather, i didn’t do this earlier because i thought that it might put me in a box. i wasn’t ready to choose a theme for my blog. i’m still not. and that’s ok.

as well, i resisted the idea of writing short quips because i felt i could not support my arguments and some topics are just worth much more than a few lines afford. i realized that could and would try to support too many arguments, and maybe in the future i’ll pick one perspective and write holes into the others. i recognize that a blog is not an academic forum, but it is a good place to work out some ideas, and hopefully get some feedback. moreover, with  i just caught my self trying to defend another point. yay, progress!

cheers! here’s to the first of potentially many, voice-schizophrenia* blogs!

all voices will remain anonymous, but it’s still just.ness 🙂


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