squid sashimi

July 22, 2011

fresh seafood should not smell fishy right? just as most high quality sashimi should melt in your mouth.

well, raw squid is, to me, the antithesis of sashimi. it tastes like the milk of less than fresh seafood, made worse because of its chewy texture that prolongs the experience.

that description either entices people to try squid sashimi, or conjures up advice not to become a food writer.

whether you decide to taste it or take my word for it, you’ll find to be entrancing the preparation of freshest squid sashimi in this video:

i’ve have yet to try the sashimi made from nearly live squid as in the video. it could just be that the raw squid that i ate was not at its prime. but until the next time i travel to a place where it’s fresh from the sea, i won’t be attempting squid sashimi again. 3 X chewy seafood milk = bleh.

on the other hand, i love well-prepared cooked (even under-cooked) squid. yum!


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