she’s not outta your league

November 25, 2011

You’re a 7 and she’s a 9.5. Objectively, subjectively, how ever which way you look at it, she’s outta your league.
WRONG. (I’ll get to why and how later. Patience, pal.)
So you aim lower, at her homely-looking gal pal (they rarely travel in pairs of equal beauty – even by different measures). She’s a 6.5, maybe 6 in daylight. Sure fire right?
WRONG. (Wait for it.)
If you’re lucky, homely-girl gives you silent treatment and just pretends with a shoulder shrug that she doesn’t speak english or any language for that matter. Or maybe she gives you constipated, cut-eye – you know, it’s supposed to look mean, but she looks like an idiot. Occasionally you’ll run into an HG that’s verbally violent: “F-you, you F’n A-hole. Get out of my F’n face!”, or is a douchey diva: “Buy me and my friend drinks, then maybe we can talk.” Worse, the HG that thinks she’s slick: Ms. Chatty smile-side-step-siddles you to the bar, orders drinks for her hotter guy and girl friends, and then leaves you with the tab.

Outwardly, you’re thinking: ‘What a bitch! She’s SO a 5″
Inwardly, you gotta ask your self: “Maybe I’m not really a 7. Am I the 5?”

Dude. Here I have to tell you: STOP.
You’re wasting your time with mid-range chicks. I’m not saying they’re right, but think about how you’d feel consistently and constantly being the “affordable option”. Even the sale-priced floor model was once ogled. HG is the everyday option for dudes ranking 1-10. She’s heard every lame line…

… that WILL work on the 9-10s. You don’t believe me? Fine.
Maybe? Right. This is the deal. Males waste their time on the ladies within reach, or so they perceive. Meanwhile, Miss. Hotness/Beautiful inside and out/Sweetlady goes home nary a moment of eye-contact from the opposite sex, save the douche-bag who’s actually a 6 and thinks he’s a 10.

You’ve heard it before and it’s true. Poor-lil’-pretty-girl, no one wants her. How’d Mr. 5 get Mrs. 8? Must be his fat wallet. WRONG. Stop submitting your bruised ego to the average chick who will bash it due to what she doesn’t want to admit to anyone, let alone herself. Be wiser. Be nice to the 10 and welcome to the big leagues.


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