rest of world food day (week)

October 27, 2012

the rest of world food day-week was a whirlwind!

so much so, that a week later, i was caught up in writing proposals and attending meetings. it’s one week after and i’m still getting caught up. isn’t it amazing how, after every awesome event you attend, ergo all the amazing individuals met at the events, there’s much to think about and do? 

i think that i left off at wednesday, october 17th. the rest of the week went like this:

on thursday, i was a ball of excited nerves. it was the 50th anniversary of the Ontario Human Rights Commission code and they hosted a celebration and dialogue. i was honoured to have been asked to be on a panel to discuss the future of human rights with fellow panelists: Aiden Johnson, Lali Mohamed and Mark Campbell, all “activists” in the areas of social justice, racial and LGBTQ equity, arts and culture. i fit in there, like i always do, in the gaps and covering as an umbrella…

i haven’t chosen my words or style too carefully in this post. it’s a struggle for me to just write. just. trying not to try is a challenge for me. i’m hoping that at some point here, i’ll be able to articulate myself, as my good friend puts it, “ness, uncensored ness is best with one glass of wine down, another in her grip.” he teases as he’s seen me struggle simultaneously as i unintentionally over-think my audience and intentionally try to be unintentional and then get caught up in a “politically correct” mess of saying not quite what’s on my mind.

so, i used quotation marks above with “activist” because i meant half-heartedly or rather to draw attention to it here. 

ugh, i’m thinking this post is a mess and also, ‘stop thinking!’

activist. huh. the following day – that’d be friday – i was interviewed for a book that will come out in about 2 years, probably out of UofT press. the interview was conducted by a post-doc fellow, with funding from a professor with whom i am acquainted to her work. whatever. the points are… the first relevant point is that i was recommended as a “female activist in the food movement”. yeh, most of us are female or gay males. i mentioned that in my interview. but “activist?!” the word is spoken by me – in my head and when aloud – as though italicized. i’m not sure about this label. (and then i’m annoyed that i’m over-thinking again). 

i will leave it at that because i’m rambling and getting the urge to write a new post about “activists” and then interrupt myself with the story about an potential investor for one of my food ventures (the BIGGIE) who noted we might as well date, as long as i stopped this hippie shit and always, always had my nails done. female activist, food movement, nails…

expectedly, i had questions for the interviewer.. rhetorical perhaps. no, i don’t really think so. just framing. it goes: i wonder if it’s the combo of helping and food that makes the “food movement” so overwhelmingly filled with women. what if it was helping dilapidated cars be upcycled for the environment.. and throwing in [scoping] teaching and paying street youth to do it? would the [scoping again] sector be so woman-heavy? my bet is the funders, executive directors, directors, spokes people would be dudes and the ladies would be doing the doing… 

saturday and sunday i wrote a cool proposal… but took too long. must find (multiple) voices faster-faster orally and in text formats!

that’s it. nighty night.


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