about.  apparently i say `about´ like a Canadian.  that i am.  that is, i was born the east coast of Canada and lived in Toronto for the better half of my 29 years.

on the surface, i have one of those “american dream” narratives: parents were relatively poor immigrants, raised us kids while working their way to middle-class in a labour-intensive-yet-successful business, i attended public schools and ivy schools, and it’s fair game to accuse me of being a bit lost.

i currently live in Halifax, mostly, which I hate. I recently lived in Chicago which, despite all of the similarities drawn to being like Toronto, it is not. The diversity, for one, is not.  Though, Chicago-surely did grow on me, Toronto is still where affectionately call home. I also live there part-time.

i like how my hair looks after sex and/or a workout (but not at mid-length), cigarettes (but not regular Camels), my brother, decent Americanos with steamed soy or good espresso sans lactose, and the smell of chlorine.

i dislike all olives, black licorice, my passport photo, imax, parallel parking, poorly prepared chinese food, and people who ignorantly derive status from others’ cultural symbols.

the rest changes daily.  erhm… by the second.

one more thing. i’m disorganized and/or i don’t have the desire to make a specialized blog for various reasons. i do hope though, that if only some of my daily mishmashes amuse you, that you return often since i find everything in the end comes full circle.

though i’m not new to blogging, i still consider my skills amateur. please feel free to provide any comments, advice, etc.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Mark Dawson Says:


    LOTS of changes. We definitely have lots of catching up to do.

    Get home safe.

  2. Hi,

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