3 x 3 = values

February 15, 2011

was cleaning the bathroom while listening to CBC this afternoon. guest was a lifecoach based in Ottawa and offered a simplified version of getting to the career that’s you.

have you thought about that? insofar as our work defines us, does your job do a good job of explaining you? totally other topic.

without further adieu, and in my own words, this is what she had to offer:

how to figure out your values:

a) what do you do for play at work? or what could you just keep on doing without feeling the toil-side of that which may be considered “work”. what’s fun? other what doesn’t leave you drained and gives you energy to keep going?

– say you’re a program coordinator at a non-profit organization and your job involves (wow, where do i begin?!) recruiting and training volunteers, developing and designing the project materials, public-speaking, setting up events, researching the latest best practices, writing articles or proposals, monitoring and evaluation, etc. at the end of the week, what might you have no problem taking “away” and fiddling with in your own time? maybe you like tinkering with the decorative features of brochures, or perhaps you like talking to people and getting them interested in your “cause”. pick 3 things.

b) who are 3 people you admire? could be anyone, whether you know her/him personally or not. why or what about those people puts them on a pedestal?

– lemme pick:

my dad because he works so hard and is able to set aside/step over petty bitching to get things done because: a) he loves his family and b) there’s little that he feels that he can change.

my best friend/business partner because she is able to ignore/rationalize her belief system because – for her – it’s the best route to: a) acquire greater financial success and b) make change, from within.

my other best friend because she is ignorant/oblivious to issues that may cause her grief, because: a) she is focused on personal happiness and b) there’s little she can do about it.

this exercise leaves me in a tough spot. i’ll have to come back to it.

c) what did you do for fun as a kid?

– well. given that i had to grow up quick, and that the things i really enjoyed were taken away from me, or were perhaps swayed by praise, i also need to think this one out too.

umm… i liked reading, arts and crafts, and cooking. i still do.

now what? well you’re supposed to go through your list and circle common words. like i said, i have to come back to this, and will soonish.



i thought that i would begin a new blog today. the one you’re reading has been around and back again, with disorder as a theme and infrequent posts, often representing (or reflecting) my musings as a professional full-time graduate student and samplings of careers ranging from… well, actually, i don’t write as often as i should. there have been many. many many!

the new blog would have chronicled my efforts to streamline, and as far as blogs go, i figured it would be a theme i could stick to. plot: the evolution of a non-nerd.

i’ve been imagining starting anew. but i thought it might be premature to be stake my claim at a new life. it’s only a few days before i will know whether or not i will matriculate into a doctoral program. or rather, when i get “that letter” that tells me that the academy (and thus my mother) thinks i’m good enough.

i can’t deny that i want to know and it means a great deal to me too. but i’m quite realistically pessimistic about my chances to gain admission in the one and only school that i applied to, and even in my wildest dreams, i’m unsure about whether or not i would got in.

always with my hands in several pots, that means i have begun preparing for another life – outside academia. really. no looking back, no university-community research gigs for insecure and insensitive, asshole, non-paying principle investigators (dude. i just said, i’m trying to start anew. browse my blog to piece together who is the witch). it’s time to make something of myself.

that’s how far i got. so, you see, i really am at the very beginning phase of thinking of a non-academic me.

today, i picked up the 2010 version of “What Color is Your Parachute?”. once upon an undergrad job, i was a career advisor. i encountered phd students days from defending, in tears, asking little ol’ me what they should do with their lives?! i kept on. now, for the first time, i’ll read one of these career books for real.
I’ll let you know how it goes…