connections on craigslist

January 24, 2008

incited by a widely forwarded economist’s reponse to a nyc goldigger’s inquiry (which, i thought was hilarious) on craigslist, i decided to check out the website.

in chicago, the “rants and raves” section seems mostly to be frequented those with racist and sexist remarks. poorly written, spelled, and nothing particularly interesting. perhaps indicative of the audience/population here, but i doubt it. i remain convinced that R&R is just an arena for anonymous fielding of existing tensions. maybe venting in a “public space” is effective for some? though blatently oppressive, and often explicitly ignorant, i can appreciate being able to easily skim and peek into the brains of the unspoken/unheard. i wonder how effective other sections are, but haven’t been able to find a link to any success stories yet.

the “missed connections” section is much more interesting to me. wouldn’t it be movie-esque to click on it one day and find that someone is trying to find you?! come on, we all have moments of shyness and regret missed opportunities to say ‘hi’.

however, only part of the postings are actually of this “missed” nature. the others appear to be written by those who’ve mistaken what “missed” means. they’ve taken a now defunct “connection” to be “missed” whereas it is more likely an “avoided connection”. i’ve come to this conclusion after having only scrolled the postings over the last couple of days and finding many apologies, lawsuits, pleas, etc. stalking comes to mind…

nonetheless, i still think it’s quite romantic and encourage you to try your hand at fate. chances are slim, but you never know do you?