…or perhaps that might be too conspiciuous for Canadians.  That is, we might mar our non-partisan image if we were to outwardly pronounce our affinity for, abilities in, and *allowance* of all things green

Nonetheless, I appreciate the comedic value of veiled maneuvers, such as the recent announcement that Victoria, BC is going to be the first place in North America to install pop-up urinals.  It’s not so much the the concept of these urinals that first drew me to this story.  Rather, I wanted to see how the journalist would write the story, which facts s/he would select to incorporate.  To see the article I am speaking of, click HERE.

My favorite chosen fact is that Victoria is described as being known for its “hanging baskets” – that all?

My favorite reluctant fact is that the unique stalls are said to be from a “Dutch company”. period. and nothing more.  – wow! holland and canada have a lot in common *cough*

My favorite obscure fact: “A report to city council said pub patrons, not homeless people, accounted for most of the instances of public urination. Staff made the determination after monitoring use of the urinals.” – ok, so what are they doing about the good homeless people who are not peeing in the street?

My favorite quote is “We are confident in the relationship between the bar crowd and public urination.”  – thanks for that.