petty pick-ups

March 3, 2008

ok. so no one actually pick-ups me up per se… rather, they throw out half-thought-out:

 “daaang girl!”

“you know you’re really beautiful”

“you got a sick walk!”

 ummm… ‘thanks’? i mean, what else am i to say?

 where does that leave me? supposedly an inflated ego, but without a date or a relationship.

step it up boys.


i’d started writing a post about not really know how to date – since, i always seemed to ‘end-up’ in relationships with friends – but, never posted it.

it’s not that i hadn’t dated, but back when i was jotting that previous post, after one date i was admittedly resorting to the ‘peter-off’ and disappear method when i wasn’t interested – which was always.

since then, i’ve been dating this dude. i’ll call him james. james and i hit it off initially and i was in a spot where i’d never been before – how to figure out date 2, or 3 for that matter? we didn’t complicate things – just got down to the point and made plans again and again. no biggie.

but now, after date four and already with plans for date five, i’m not super digging him. i like his company, but not exceedingly.

but i’m on a kick lately of just being up front and i’m not for forestalling the inevitable. i feel like i’ve given it a shot and nobody’s getting any younger – nobody. but what is the inevitable?

it is ‘just dating’ right? he hasn’t brought up committment of any sort yet. when do you bring this stuff up?

guess we’ll see how things go during date five.