pennies as priority politics?

September 3, 2008

is NDP MP Pat Martin seriously promoting the topic of pennies as possibly a priority election issue? i mean, with millions of more important things like… oh, like, banning the public display of treasure trails, and well… that’s about it eh? 

indeed he is, according to this article by Lyndsie Bourgon of The Canadian Press. She wrote:

“Amid threats of a fall election, Martin said going to the polls would mean starting over for his penny campaign.

“All the progress we’ve made other than public opinion would be lost if an election takes place,” Martin said.

“But, it gives us an opportunity to make it an election issue.””

sure, i have been away from Canada for a bit, but i hesitate to think the ndp party has gone to the birds. call it wishful thinking, but i hope this is poor framing on the part of Bourgon. yet, she did also quote Martin saying:

“Making cents just doesn’t make sense anymore.”

har har.

what’s going on? are we competing with americans politicians for stage presence, just a little maybe? 

i can’t say i’m surprised that as canadians we are seeking second-hand spotlight attention for politics at home. it’s as though the american electoral system, media, and advertisers have a deal going on around the theme of celebrity vanity. and it is working*. however, i am disappointed in martin’s less-than-stellar performance as a representative of the NDP.

and that’s my two cents, that wouldn’t be worth jack at this East Coast cafe which recently declared itself a “Penny Free Zone” in keeping with the paltry patience for pennies. riiiiiight. it’s merely a marketing ploy in my opinion (i.e. naming nothing new)

but really now, really!?! pennies?

*when asked, if there was an election in the next couple of months, who would she vote for… someone i knew said, “i dunno, Obama!?”