what ever happened to the times when you meet someone and write their phone number somewhere on your person? through the day the ink gets smudgy, but sure enough – you’ve got digits. presumably, you call and talk to that person, get to know them better… blah blah blah.

surely i am no stranger to technology, though not a wiz by any means. nor am i old enough to say, “back in the day…”. but in the last few weeks, rather than a traditional exchange of business cards, phone numbers, or even email addresses, i’ve been given websites addresses. *oh, how personal* granted, these sites are also used for business purposes. but what am i supposed to do with a dude’s biography that’s been purposefully composed to promote, say their boxing showmanship, next rapping event, recent marketing project, or even catering menu specialities?!

sure, it’s probably a little like online dating profiles in regards to selling yourself to a prospect… but one would think those profiles are a little more personal and directed? what’s next, and online calendar and application to schedule a date?

though i hope this isn’t a growing trend, it would be nice if website pick-ups included their annual reports online!