madrid, sp

July 8, 2007

I have yet to post about Madrid (june 14-16?), though I have written many pages about my prolonged stay there in my mini journal.  

Madrid… Written June 20th 

In re-writing an abbreviated version, I doubt that too much is lost. Shortened as it may be, my ability to fully describe what happened in Madrid could never really transcend my experience or feelings at the time.

So, just to refresh… I had meant only to pass through Madrid – arriving by train from Lisboa, Portugal, in the morning, and then, leaving by plane to Marseille, France, in the evening. I had approximately 6 hours to see what I could see.

In Madrid, I began at my 1st museum of the entire trip (save the Louvre, which was literally a pit stop). That is not to say, whatsoever, that i only just began the cultural aspect. In fact, stepping into a museum almost turns off the omnipresent & present culture.  

At El Prado, I spent 3 hours guided by a well-read, friendly stranger. I enjoyed the personal tour thoroughly, and learned alot about the pieces – beyond highschool art history, certainly.  I found new favorites among Velazquez’s “Spinners” & “Las Meninas”, El Bosco’s “Garden of Earthly Delights”, Goya’s dark period works, etc.  However, my guide’s sense of humor was difficult to pick up on at times (something i’ve been told as well). So, some of the stories I will now connect to the pieces may not all be true…but hey, they’re at least interesting (unlike highschool).
I skipped my flight to Marseille, and experienced the first real rain fall of my trip. This also meant that I bypassed the foreseen headache of getting from that airport to a bus station to get to hostel for the night… but also the pleasure of beaching in Cannes and meeting another friend.

Sangria, red wine, dinner sized tapas, and pizza comprised meals that were off-set by a run through the city and Parque del Retiro.

parque del retiro

I had a wonderful time in Madrid, but won’t likely go back unless for professional reasons. It was nice, but in a Toronto sort of way. That is, large and metropolitan, without much to see… except the Prado. Although, I do wish I’d seen the . Reina Sofia National Museum, which showcases works by Spanish masters like: Dali, Picasso, Velazquez, Goya, Dali, Rubens, Picasso, Sorolla, Gaudi, and Miro.