berlin, germany

July 10, 2007

2:45pm – june 24th: 

i’ve been waiting for C. near a metro station for just about 50 minutes now. checked my map, walked about, and read some of the current novel: “Perfect Circle”. After having put on my 2nd layer, I’m resigned since losing the little silicon nose nub on my glasses. huff.

Worse still, (actually to be truthful, I’m ok, just tired), I have a serious stummy ache.  Which makes me think of the dude in Amsterdam who waved us into his restaurant from another, stating loudly enough for everyone mid-mouthful to hear, “don’t go there, it’ll make you sick.” 

We did have a great meal at his restaurant.  Or so it seemed.  Everything tastes good around here… hmmm. 

It wasn’t only me that was spaced out.  A. was probably more than the bro and I combined.  A.’s classic moments: “Yehhhhh…I’m fuct”, with a chuckle, after asking about his financial sitch for the next few days in the Dam.  Shortly thereafter, we catch him with the highest, half-eyed, huge smile, spacing out on the sidewalk as crowds detour around him.  When I call his name to bring him back to reality, he looks stunned and excited.  He thought he knew ‘someone’ here.

I don’t know whether to wait longer or not.  Worrying makes my stummy hurt too… but I think it was all that food.

11:30am – june 25th:

On the patio of yet another great hostel – East Seven Berlin.

It hasn’t been so much luck as the very helpful recommendation from the Pingster to use  The luck bit, I suppose, is availability has been in my favour for well reviewed hostels.

Though it’s still early, I’ve already been to the train station to: drop off C. for his day trip back to the Dam, reserve my ticket for Munich tonight, check for locker space, and buy tape* and packing paper.  Back at the hostel, I packed up my bag and package**.  I’ve just returned from the post office and I’m using my last 1/2 hour before checkout to rev up for a long day w/o a “home”.

*tape – 2nd time buying, since, somehow I misplaced the first one I bought in Amsterdam.

**package – though it cost 32euro to send home, i’m glad to lighten of the weight from the maps i saved, books i’ve read, and other stuff

Berlin is HUGE.  I read that it’s 8x the size of Paris.  I regret not having the time to get a bike.  Today, though I now have a lightened load and space in my bag to shop, I have no real desire.  I’d rather sit on a couch and watch tv (it’s been so long).  I skipped running the last 2 days despite optimal conditions (e.g. easy street layout & weather) b/c I’ve walked way too much.  My body actually aches today.

That said however, from here, I’ll go drop my bag at the station, grab some lunch, shop a bit, and maybe go to one of the Dunkin Donuts/Easy Internet Cafes… and finally update my blog.

p.s. I found C. 3 minutes from the hostel.  He looked worried and then reasoned that I had taken the map with the meeting place marked on it.  Once he opened it, I pointed and said very nicely (honestly!), “You mean that?”.  I didn’t care.  I was more upset about my glasses and stomach ache.  Still, I was relieved that, my hyper-imagination was, yet again, just that. 

9:30pm – june 25th:


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